Q: Where can I buy your products in California?

A: Our products are available here, for delivery in the Greater LA area, as well as key retailers in Coachella and Palm Springs.  We will continue to update our retail and delivery options via our website.  Products are only available in California at this time.


Q: I don't live in CA. Can I still purchase Hopper Reserve products?

A: Not yet! While we currently are only available in California, Hopper Reserve intends on expanding into other key markets.  You may purchase non-cannabis products from our website, like merchandise and other products and services.


Q: Do you wholesale?

A: We do not wholesale any cannabis products.  We work with licensed operators within the California supply chain to provide the best experience to Hopper Reserve consumers.  


Q: What types of products do you offer?

A: Through our licensed manufacturing, distribution and retailer partners, we currently offer a line of pre-rolled premium joints, in 3 strains, Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. We will be expanding into other product offerings throughout 2020 and into 2021.  We also offer non-cannabis products, like merchandise through our website and select retail locations.


Q:How do I know which product is best for me?

A: Everyone is looking for a different experience.  Our products offer different effects for different use cases and we encourage you to check out our Products page to understand which product is best for what you’re looking for.  If you have additional questions, please email us at [email protected]


Q:How do I know your product is authentic?

A: All Hopper Reserve products come with a LucID Green QR code on the packaging. This is a one time scannable code that will help verify the authenticity of your product as well as help you earn loyalty points to get merch and other cool promotional offerings.


Q: Where do you source your product?

A: We rely on our partners like Ocean Grown Extracts to source the finest quality raw ingredients and materials for all of our products. Read more about our OGE partnership here!


Q: How do you know how much cannabis is in your product?

A: All products are tested by third-party licensed analytical laboratories.  Please see specific Certificate of Authenticity (“COA”) for each product for results of testing.

Q:How do you test your products?

A: Testing is completed by our manufacturer using licensed third-party analytical laboratories.  Please see specific Certificate of Authenticity (“COA”) for each product as labs may vary.



Q: Tell me about your packaging!

A: The design of our packaging was created in collaboration with Los Angeles based pop-artist Alia Penner. 

All Hopper Reserve pre-rolls are wrapped with a photograph from Dennis Hopper’s archive, which Alia re-imagined by infusing colorful collaboration and movement with the earlier photographs.

The combination of culture-making artwork is a first for the cannabis world - never before has there been a piece of Dennis Hopper’s work released into the world as cannabis pre-roll packaging. Our pre-rolls come individually packaged in premium glass tubes and sustainably sourced cardboard outer boxes.