What Makes A Man A Legend?

Hopper Standing

In half a century on screen, Hollywood icon Dennis Hopper is the ultimate rebel with a cause. The visionary creator of 1969’s Easy Rider who sparked a revolution in independent film and defined a generation. The prolific photographer who captured astonishing images of life, love, and civil unrest through his Nikon lens. The socially conscious advocate who championed change and conversation through his art.

Always the futurist, Hopper was also an early advocate for the legalization of cannabis. Before he passed away in 2010, Dennis spoke at length with daughter Marin about building a cannabis company with purpose. One that connected art and conversation with the power of the plant. A decade later, Hopper Reserve is now a reality.


“Cannabis was something he could unwind with and enjoy in a very peaceful, fun-loving way.” - Hopper Reserve founder, Marin Hopper.


Dennis had a vision for cannabis: legalized and decriminalized access for all. We’re shepherding that vision into focus through art, conversation and community action, in tandem with our expanding line of premium products.

Hopper Reserve is a meeting place for people like you: the canna-curious and aficionados, the creatively minded adventurers, students of wellness and socially conscious advocates ready to have a new conversation about cannabis.

Our Brand Values

Power of the Plant

1. Power of the Plant

We view Cannabis as a safe, natural tool for self improvement and actualization of the mind, body and soul.

Community of All

2. Community of All

Our Inclusive community celebrates unique perspectives, and values experiences and stories unlike our own.

Outside the Lines

3. Outside the Lines

We consistently explore life off the beaten path through creative expression, human connection, and our business practices.

Art is Life

4. Art is Life

Art inspires change. We support and amplify change-makers of the past, present, and future from all walks of life.

Hopper Reserve Commune

com·mune /ˈkämyo͞on/ - an intentional community of people sharing spaces, interests, values, beliefs, and resources.

We believe it’s time to change the story around cannabis. We believe in the power of art to dismantle ineffective, unjust systems. We believe we’ll get there together. Each member of the Hopper Reserve Commune contributes to this core mission - from supporting the voices of emerging artists to championing action around cannabis de-stigmatization and legal reform.

“My heroes in real life are all the so-and-sos who got fed up and changed things.” - Dennis Hopper

Featured Brand Artist

Alia Penner

Alia Penner

Each Hopper Reserve product is wrapped in collector-worthy art that defies the laws of time. LA-based artist Alia Penner (in collaboration with the Hopper Art Trust) fused intimate photographs taken by Dennis with her pop-art inspired illustrations. Marrying the work of two artists working 40 years apart evokes 1970’s Hollywood with bright, 2020 color and movement.

“It’s all about the ceremony of cannabis for me and celebrating it. I used abstract lines and colors and things to bring movement and space to people, that sets this new imaginary world for them to live in and brings them back to life.” - Alia Penner