Journal of Moments

Our Journal catalogues memories of moments from every corner of the Hopper Reserve universe. Interviews with Dennis’ friends and family. Insights from partners involved in day-to-day life at Hopper Reserve. Discussions with genre-bending artists, wellness experts, and social advocates exploring the connection between creativity and cannabis. Flip the page and dive in.

Hopper Stories: A Future For Veterans Foundation

Hopper Stories: A Future For Veterans Foundation
Hopper Reserve is proud to partner with A Future For Veterans Foundation, supporting their critical mission to provide education, resources (including cannabis and art therapy), and housing for Veterans in an effort to curtail Veteran suicide. We spoke with Founder Alex De La Campa all things FVF - click to learn more!


Hopper Stories: Ocean Grown Extracts

Casey Dalton (Co-Owner of Ocean Grown Extracts, Hopper Reserve's flower sourcing partner) shares behind-the-scenes insights on producing Hopper Reserve’s first line of pre-rolls, the advantages of science in their process, and why OGE is committed to de-stigmatizing cannabis use for everyone. 
Dennis and Marin Hopper

Hopper Stories: Marin Hopper Interview

We sat down with Hopper Reserve Founder (and Dennis’ eldest daughter) Marin Hopper to talk about her dad’s enduring legacy and her perspective on the connection between cannabis and creativity. What would Dad think about the state of cannabis today? Read on...

“There are moments that I’ve had some real brilliance. And sometimes, in a career, moments are enough.”

- Dennis Hopper