The Strong-Willed Rebel - Sativa


Sun Grown • Responsibly Farmed • Pesticide Free

Unlock the untapped. Sativa strains like Pink Lemonade offer an energized, euphoric, uplifting ‘mind high’ perfect for daytime use & creative inspiration. This 1g sativa-dominant hybrid inspires a warm, settling body high. Calming yet productive, and functional enough to “take the edge off” repetitive, stressful moments.

A Hopper Reserve Sativa pre-roll is the ideal summer snack. Fruity, mint-tea notes with a tart, lemony-grapefruit finish. Our flower comes from nugs coated in a generous layer of trichomes, atop jade foliage and bronze pistils.

How will Hopper Reserve's Sativa make me feel?

  • Creative: Honor the Rebel within
  • Inspired: Be your own inspiration
  • Uplifted: Care-free cheer