Dennis and Marin Hopper

Hopper Stories: Marin Hopper Interview

August 29, 2020

We sat down with Hopper Reserve Founder (and Dennis’ eldest daughter) Marin Hopper to talk about her dad’s enduring legacy and her perspective on the connection between cannabis and creativity. What would Dad think about the state of cannabis today? Read on…


Q: What do you want people to feel when they interact with Hopper Reserve (the brand and our products)?
Psyched and enticed. Not only do they get to experience a premium cannabis product, but they can engage with the essence of Dennis Hopper through the artful conceptualization of the brand imaging to the cool of the smoke.


Q: As a brand, we believe in the power of creators and conversation to de-stigmatize cannabis use. What role do you feel art plays in this process?
Art is the process of stimulating your senses and emotions. As a result, it’s the perfect compliment to using cannabis.


Q: How did your dad view the connection between creativity and cannabis?
He felt that cannabis was a softer way to go in life as an artist – as opposed to his hard drinking days. He respected its use not only socially and creatively, but also for its medicinal purposes as well.


Q: Your dad used art as a means to drive change. In particular, his photography and films shine a light on many socio-political issues. Can you speak on that?
He liked to set the world on fire with change.


Q: You and your dad talked about doing something in cannabis before he passed away. What factors were most important to him?
Because he was sick with cancer, he felt a relief from cannabis use which was different from his recreational use. He had a strong desire to get behind medical cannabis. He was always ahead of his time and would be thrilled to see how there have been such advancements in legalizing cannabis.


Q: Why do you think your dad’s work continues to resonate with fans old and new today?
I think he is revered for his mad creativity – and cool, iconic cowboy image.


Q: LA Pop-Artist Alia Penner created three custom art pieces for Hopper Reserve. How did you know Alia was the right person to bring your artistic vision for Hopper Reserve to life?
Alia’s work is so often inspired by psychedelic images from the 60’s. She has been a big fan of my dad’s iconic photographs. Her work as a painter and artist is precisely in the vein that he would have responded to. She is often referred to as a Frida Kahlo with a strong relationship to pop culture, and the images she has created are truly luscious – alluring for both men and women. I’m super excited by what she created for Hopper Reserve.


Q: How do you view art as a means to foster global conversation and drive change?
Always celebrate what you love visually. Don’t feel pressured to engage only with art that is noted as valuable investments. Look around you and embrace what you respond to creatively.


Q: Where would you like to see the cannabis industry 10 years from now?
I would like it to be as ubiquitous as liquor and wine stores are now


Q: What role would you like Hopper Reserve play in that vision?
I would like Hopper Reserve to be noted for its high quality, and for also producing beautiful fun engaging and desirable imagery behind the brand.


Q: What does “For The Rebel In All of Us” mean?
Experiencing a new adventure. Discovering a new road map for your journey.

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